Innovative Solutions for COVID-19 disruption

Mitigating the immediate impact of Covid-19
Preparing for the future - with Confidence.

In business, we strive to predict what the future holds so we can adjust our business models, processes, and teams accordingly. Yet few could have foreseen or planned for impact of this Pandemic- Coronavirus.

In the short time since its discovery, COVID-19 having huge impact in our lives,communities, and work. During this pandemic outbreak health experts recommendations including frequent hand-washing, social distancing, offpeak commuting, E-meeting – and contactless features. These are just a few of the disruptions we're helping business/Society to address:

Fully Automated

IVTA solution hels automated and digitalize manual processes of recording and keep tracking staff/customer/visitor data,body temperature and occupancy controller !


Bring customers back to your business today with confident while complying with government's Covid-19 SOP and keep your premise & staff safe.

Virtual I-Name card + I-Thermometer + I-Occupancy Control System can be your hassle-free fully Automated solution to record and capturing Visitor/Customers details with body temperature plus Occupancy Control !



Benefits of Touchless Name Card

The New Norm !! Scan and Save

What is a Virtual i-Name Card?
Contactless name card is in essence, an electronic name card are easy, fast, effective,gorgeous way to transfer your relevant contact details to another person, using a digital standardized format that is recognized by all relevant medias today Simply hold your digital name card to the Optical reader “Smartphone/tablets” to exchange your contact info. Your Virtual iName Card contain information such as Name, address and contact number.Virtual Iname card technology keeps your contact information transfer fast and secure to deliver a quick and seamless experience.


Why do I need a Virtual i-name Card?
Virtual icard are the best way to share your contactinformation with your clients and friends. It helps people add you to their address book with oneclick. Presenting your Virtual iName Card immediately upgrades your business image in thesense that it exemplifies your recognition and familiarity with the most cutting-edge technology in use today. Touchless are perceived as an up-to-date way to transfer all kinds of information, including contact info and the presence of virtual iName card associates you with the newest, most populartechnology prevalent today on the market.

Download your Virtual i-Name card now ! It's Free


Innovative Smartest way to Scan, Record & Keep track your Employee and Visitors Body Temperature plus Contact Info

i-Thermometer is a fast and convenient devise for temperature taking and visitor attendant info recording with time stamping (my-card/virtual i-Name card) and used with IVTA databased format. It is Contactless, Automatic and easy to used portable with reliable accuracy.

Automatically read body temperature in seconds and record visitor/Staff info to achieve the rapid movement of human traffic and a better control of entry of staff/personnel, maximizing the efficiency of epidemic prevention.


Product Advantages
Contactless detection and temperature measurement that reduce the risk of cross infection
Automatic temperature measuring, identity & contact info record.
Save time and increase traffic efficiency. SUrpass the traditional temperature measuring gun needed to be hed by a person
Automatically record abnormal body temperature and control the accessibility
Support staff/Visitor attendance report
Support Virtual-i-name card/My card


Temperature-Measuring Technology

Japan Dot-Matric Thermal Sensor
Measuring rate:3 to 5 seconds
Precision:+0.5 degree C
Measuring distance: Max Detection distance 20mm to 200mm


During this Covid1-19 pandemic outbreak, government have imposes a social distancing regulation. Many businesses are now requested to limit the number of visitors flowing into the store/premises. Physical personnel has been assigned to control the vistor flow at their entrances. iVTA has an Automated Visitor Flow Control system that is dedicated to provide a more cost effective and efficient way to acr according with these safety regulations during this pandemic.

How The System Work?
Limit visitor in stores by setting the iVTA's accupancy control system's threshold. Once store/premise reaches that threshold limit, customer is not allow to enter until another exits, the screen at the entrance update status accordingly.

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